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What to do if the frozen potato


Many gardeners faced a situation where during storage, potatoes are frozen. This is a fairly common problem, because with improper storage and non-compliance with temperature regimes, this is usually inevitable. Let us examine what to do, how to act and save the potatoes in such a situation.

What can freeze potatoes

Frozen potatoes are common, as winter weather is often unstable. It can freeze for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost.

Non-observance of temperature conditions during storage. This is due to the fact that not all cellars are adapted for storing potatoes. The optimum temperature for storing planting tubers is +3 - +6 degrees, in which case the vegetables will not rot or freeze.

In order for the potato harvest to be stored much longer, it is necessary to store it in complete darkness while observing the temperature regime.
  • The second and no less important.

Air humidity. It can fluctuate between 85-93%.

  • And the third.

Directly affects the state of the potato - air ventilation. It is used to adjust the temperature, humidity, as well as air exchange.

Saving Frozen Potatoes

Remove the top layer of frozen potatoes, sorted tubers, wash thoroughly and dry

If it so happened that the potato froze sharply, then the situation is more complicated. When transferred to heat, it will become soft and slippery.it will be better to get rid of it.

Before you begin to reanimate the frozen potatoes, it is necessary to determine the degree of "frostbite". If seed potatoes have been in a cold room for a long time, the temperature in which ranged from 0 to 3 degrees, and the conversion of starch into sugar has already begun, then the tubers need to be transferred to a warm room, and after 5-8 days the sugar will be converted back into starch, the quality of the vegetable will become the same.

Is it possible to plant frostbitten tubers

If sprouts appear on the potatoes, then sprinkle with warm water or a weak solution of manganesesprouts begin to swell and then you can safely plant these tubers.

If the potato already had sprouts, then they could suffer when it froze.

Frozen potatoes - good harvest

If you find that your potatoes are frozen after wintering in the basement, this is no reason to be upset. Gardeners with experience share their experience on how to get an excellent harvest from frozen tubers.

Germinated potato tubers

In early April, the tubers should be planted in a greenhouse, and after a few days, the potatoes, instead of the usual eyes, will be covered with small green bushes. After planting, when the height of the shoots reaches 15-20 cm, you can safely spud.

After two weeks, the bushes should be again tucked up and fed with complex fertilizer. If you have done everything correctly already - by the middle of summer you will be able to get a wonderful harvest.

How to determine that your crop is frozen

Let's figure out how to determine that the potatoes are cold.

First you need put the potatoes in a warm place and leave for a couple of hours. After that, if your crop is easily cut, your harvest is in order, and if blackness is visible on the cut, then it is better to throw it out immediately.

Signs of Frozen Potatoes

When, if it was difficult to cut a vegetable, then the potatoes are frozen, you need to leave it for another few hours in the heat, then cut into several pieces and boil, it will be a little sweet.

Is it possible to cook frozen potatoes?

There are many different theories on whether it is possible to eat frostbitten potatoes for food. Opinions differ on this.

Some say that such potatoes are completely harmless, while others argue that in the process of defrosting this vegetable emits a toxic substance, which will cause significant harm to your health and the body as a whole.

Contrary to popular belief - you can! The potato is absolutely not poisonous, and the substance released, while it freezes, it is nothing but sucrose, which will give an unusual sweetish taste to your dishes.

There is a lot of recipe from frozen potato: you can make pancakes or cook in uniforms

Here are some tips on how to cook frozen potatoes.:

  • We take the right amount of potatoes put in the water, the temperature of which can be from 40 to 60 degrees. Then the tubers should be thoroughly washed, dried and left for some time in a dark room. So, it will thaw faster, and you can easily clean it and use it in cooking.
  • You do not like sweet taste? - you can also get rid of it. Leave peeled and chopped potatoes temporarily in cold water. After - boil in salted water with the addition of vinegar (1 tablespoon. Vinegar per 1 liter of water), and unwanted sweetness will go away.

Potato harvesting should start in the fall. It is necessary to warm the basement and build storage space. Also take care that the humidity and temperature of the air correspond to the generally accepted standard.

And only under such conditions you will be able to protect the crop from cooling or sudden freezing, which can make it unusable.