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Detailed description and characteristics of potato variety Tuleevsky


It is already difficult to imagine the life of an ordinary gardener of Russia without potatoes. When Peter brought the culture from the New World, it immediately gained popularity, which it still holds. Since then, much has changed, a lot of new varieties have appeared, which differ in terms of maturity, taste and other aspects. Among them, the most popular now is the potato Tuleevsky, characteristics and description of which is given below.Variety bred from the Kemerovo region and bears the name of the governor.

Description of potato Tuleyevsky

The appearance of the bushes

Corollas of flowers of potato Tuleyev most often very large sizes, white

Medium in height bushes have a fairly compact size. Tubers have an almost perfect oval shape and are yellowish-beige in color.The flowers, in turn, are white.


  • The variety got its popularity thanks to a truly high yieldIf you carefully take care of the plants, it is possible to collect five hundred kilograms of culture from one hundred, and this is not dependent on the geographical location.
Potatoes Tuleyevsky is a very fruitful variety
  • Resistant to most diseasesbut it is worth pointing out that it is susceptible to the golden potato nematode.
  • Governor's grade well kept and has almost no spoiled tubers, both at cleaning, and long storage. Among the advantages is to add the size of the tubers. They are quite large, according to the proposed data of gardeners, it turned out that the weight of one potato is about half a kilogram
  • Resistant to insects and various parasitesto which other varieties are vulnerable. The fruits, in turn, are unpretentious in storage and are resistant to rottenness.
  • Also Tuleyevsky remarkable taste. This is noted by all who have ever tried it.
  • By precocity Tuleyevsky is on the same level with other varieties.
  • Drought resistant

Characteristic variety

Potatoes Tuleyevsky - table variety. The ripening period of the culture is medium early. It has a high yield, therefore, fell in love with gardeners. Tuleyevsky is well kept and resistant to many diseases and parasites.

Potato agrotechnics

Pre-landing material is laid out in 2-3 tuber layer for vernalization. Do not allow direct sunlight.

To prevent damage to bushes and tubers, experts recommend spraying the plant with Prestige-type products.

Soil preparation

According to agronomists, the most versatile way is landing in furrows.

For planting potatoes you need to prepare the wells the distance between which should be 65-70 cm, optimum depth - 15 cm.

Planting scheme for potato Tuleyevsky

In autumn and spring, they dig up the soil. Carefully weed, ridding the ground of stalks and weed roots. When the earth will heat up to + 8-10 degrees Celsius, embark on planting.

In order to stimulate the development of the plant, the formation of a strong bush, it is necessary to treat the seed material with absolutely any stimulator.

Planting seed


  • Three days before landing tubers are cut into two - three parts, each weighing under fifty grams, on the parts you need to leave two - three eyes.
A few days before planting, seed tubers of Tuleyevsky potatoes should be cut and let them warm up in this condition.
  • Then the tubers are laid out in the sun until the skin is green. After this procedure, potatoes are planted in prepared holes.
  • After the earth warms up to plus eight to ten degreesin Celsius, planting material is planted.

Potato Tuleyevsky does not require watering, it is even contraindicated. If drought happens, loosen the aisles.


Spud bushes need more than 3 times until the growing season. After germination, the seedlings need to fall asleep, when the first flowers appear, the plants spud. When “laying” the tops of potatoes again spud.

Tuleyevsky potatoes need to spud at least three times

In unfavorable weather before the last hilling, an aqueous solution of chicken manure or manure is added to the aisle to support the plants.

Tuleyevsky does not require additional feeding; in the case when the soil is too depleted, you can use humus.


When the tops turn yellow and fade, potatoes can be harvested.


Potatoes should be stored separately from seed.

The neighborhood with potatoes of other grades is inadmissible. The temperature at the storage location should be plus three degrees Celsius and a humidity close to ninety-five percent.

Variety Tuleyevsky stored separately from other planting varieties

In the absence of the ability to maintain temperature and humidity, the tubers are placed in boxes and covered with straw or other covering material.

So potatoes Tuleyevsky has many advantages, including: high yield, resistance to most diseases and parasites, the variety is adapted to the Russian climate, unpretentious, able to survive even in adverse conditions, but still requires proper care, like any other variety. Tuleyevsky - the most popular variety of potatoes among all the most common. Gardeners and breeders give preference to Tuleyevsky.