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Prune and plum what is the difference


Prunes - dried plum, which has excellent taste. This delicacy will appeal to both adults and children. Most often for its preparation are used plums varieties Hungarian or Renklod. In this article we will try to figure out what is the difference between plums and prunes, what useful properties these products have.

What is different from prunes plums?

Many believe that the only difference is that the plum is a juicy fruit, and the prune is a dried fruit. No, it is not, prunes, though they will retain all the useful trace elements, but different from plums in their effects on the human body.

The benefits of plums:

The beneficial properties of plums
  • Due to the large amount of calcium and magnesium in the composition of this fruit, it will very useful for the heart and blood vessels.
  • Plum is a natural and natural laxative., which is able to solve problems in the intestines, even in children who are contraindicated in taking medications.
  • Besides, plum fruits have a rejuvenating effectTherefore, various cosmetic products are often made from them.
  • Regular consumption of these fruits will help remove all toxins from the body, thereby cleansing the skin and contributing to weight loss.

Useful properties of prunes:

  • When used prunes laxative effect will be much strongerthan when taking fresh fruit;
  • Also such a dried fruit will be useful for people with gastrointestinal disease;
  • Prunes can positive effect on vision;
  • Thanks to good antibacterial action prunes can slightly clean the mouth, eliminating unpleasant smell.

Prepare prunes at home in three ways:

  • Drying;
  • Smoking;
  • Drying

How to dry plum?

To make dried plum tasty and healthy, you must fully comply with the technology of its preparation:

  1. For starters, you need to select the fruit. The best option would be Renkold, Hungarian or Cherry Plum, but other plums with dense and juicy flesh are also suitable.
  1. Small fruits dried whole, and large cut into two parts.
Cut the large fruits of plums into 2 parts
  1. Plums blanched in boiling water within 1-2 minutes.
Blanche plums in boiling water
  1. Then them doused with cold water.
Fruits must be wiped dry with a cloth in order to remove excess moisture from the surface.
  1. In order to give the future prunes a sweeter taste and black shine, Fresh plum is soaked in honey syrup:
Soak plums in honey syrup
  • 1 part honey;
  • 2 parts boiling water.
  1. Fruits are placed on a baking sheet. in one layer.
Spread plums on baking sheet
  1. Then they need put in preheated to 60 degrees oveny
Put the plums in the oven
  1. Cooking time averages 10 hours., at the same time every hour the plums turn over so that they evenly dry out.
For better air circulation, the oven door is not closed.
  1. But the cooking process does not end there. A balance must be maintained between dry and wet fruits. For this the resulting product is put in a sealed glass or plastic jar for a week. Every day, prunes are shaken, when condensation appears, the drying process will have to be repeated.
Dried plum in the oven
  1. Keep ready prunes recommended in fabric bags.

How to dry the plum?

There are several ways to dry the plum, but the process of preparing the fruit is the same for everyone. Fine varieties are best suited, but large fruits are cut in half.. Also, in order that the plums dry faster, it is recommended to carefully remove the bones.

It is best to dry the fruits of the same size so that the prunes are uniform.

How to dry in the sun?

Dried plum in the sun

For such a method fit only hot, sunny days. Plums are cut in half and laid out on wooden sheets. They need to be exposed to the sun and periodically turned over during the day. To avoid damage to the product by insects, future prunes are covered with gauze.. Considering that the humidity level rises at night, trays with fruits are transferred to a warm, dry room. If you comply with all the conditions, the finished dried fruits can be obtained in a week.

What would be during the drying of the plum did not leak out all the juice, they are spread on a baking sheet cut up.

Oven Drying

For starters, you need to glanze the fruit in boiling water with the addition of 2 teaspoons of soda. In such a solution, the plum is released for 2-3 minutes. This is necessary in order to peel a little cracked and moisture came out faster. The process itself takes place in several stages:

  • In an oven warmed to 60 degrees for 5 hours a baking sheet with fruits laid out in one layer is put, they are gradually turned over so that the drying would be more uniform.
  • Then the oven turns off and fruits cool within 5 hours.
  • Then the oven is heated to 70 degrees and they keep the plums there for 6 hours, after which they must cool down again.
  • At the last stage set the temperature to 80 degrees and bring prunes to readiness, which will speak black shine and sweet-sour taste.

Drying in the electric dryer

If the kitchen has a device such as an electric dryer, then it can be used to make prunes.

Dry plums in electric drier

Preparation of the fruit is the same as for other methods. Then they are laid out on the pan, cut up and proceed to cooking:

  • At 50 degrees The plums dry for 4 hours, then they need to cool.
  • Then within 5 hours the fruit is dried at 60 degrees.
  • After cooling, the plum fruit must be in an electric dryer for 6 hours, set to 80 degrees.
In order for the plums to dry out more evenly, the trays need to be swapped.

How to smoke plum?

Smoked plums are very tasty and sweet, they can be added to compotes, jams or used as a dessert.

Smoked plums

To prepare such a treat you need to adhere to the following recipe:

  • 1 kilogram of plums washed thoroughly, cut in half and remove the bone.
  • Then prepare the syrup, 400 milliliters of water mixed with 500 grams of sugar, the resulting mass should be brought to a boil and reduce heat.
  • Then cooked plums are put into syrup and bring to a boil.
  • The next step is to get rid of excess moistureso the fruits are laid out on a towel.
  • Once the plum is dry, its spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar.
  • Prepare prunes for 3 setsThe oven heats up to 50 degrees, after which the plums will be smoked for 12 hours. Then they are taken out for 12 hours, and this operation is repeated two more times. Many housewives smoke plum in the daytime, and at night the fruits cool down. Thus, the cooking time is 3 days.
Every hour, the plums should be checked and turned over so that the smoking would be uniform.

Both fresh and dried plum remains a very healthy and tasty product. Cooking prunes at home is not that difficult., and any, even a novice hostess will be able to cope with this task.