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Full description of the raspberry variety Hussar


Raspberry is one of the most popular plants. as well as in professional gardening areas, as well as in summer houses with amateurs.

All hybrid raspberry varieties are descended from ordinary raspberries. Asia is considered the birthplace of raspberries, and in Russia this berry became widespread in the 12th century.

From the 17th century to the present day, new varieties and varieties of raspberries are displayed. There is a multi-colored raspberry: red, yellow, black. There is a raspberry remontant, large-fruited, frost-resistant.

In this article we will talk about the raspberry variety with the intriguing name “Gusar”.

A little history and description

Breeding varieties Gusar engaged our compatriot, Bryansk breeder by the name of Kazakov. Repair raspberry is his merit.

In addition, he deduced different varieties of this berry: large-fruited, resistant to pests and diseases, unpretentious varieties of this beloved berry.

If you pay attention only to the name of the variety, you can immediately understand that such a raspberry has many advantages and admirers, as the word "hussar" speaks for itself.

And indeed it is. This variety is widely spread in central Russia.

The raspberry variety Hussar bred by Kazakov

The advantages and disadvantages of raspberry hussar

This variety is usually referred to as "golden" raspberry varieties. It is considered a worthy decoration of summer cottages throughout the country.

What are the advantages of this variety:

  1. The berries are quite large, bright red.
  2. They taste very sweet and sweet.a lot of fragrant pulp.
  3. Grow well, they are tall and strong, reaching a length of 2-2.5 meters.
  4. There are few thorns on the stem, they are located in the lower part of the plant, so it is possible to get injured to pick berries and care for raspberry bushes.
  5. The stems and leaves themselves are slightly reddish, they are covered with a barely noticeable wax layer, so the leaves are well protected from drying out and other harmful effects of the environment.
  6. This variety has high drought tolerance.Therefore, such raspberries can be planted even in the hottest areas, drought will not affect the quality and quantity of the crop.
  7. As a rule, with proper care, you can harvest a large crop of raspberries.
  8. All berries ripen almost within one month.
  9. Berries are universal in their application.. They can be eaten both raw and cooked and harvested for the winter in the idea of ​​jam, compotes, jellies and jams.
The raspberry variety Hussar has many advantages.

The disadvantages of raspberry varieties Gusar:

  1. The berries are very soft, not dense, so they cannot be stored for too long.
  2. Because of the softness of the berries they can not be transported, otherwise the entire crop will be spoiled.
  3. Raspberries of this variety requires careful care. and a large area under its landing.
  4. Although the variety is considered to be frost-resistant, need to protect the root system of shrubsotherwise, after the onset of cold rhizomes suffer and raspberries die.

Correct fit

Before buying raspberry seedlings, you need to think about where it will have to be planted. The place should be moderately shaded and moderately sunnyprotected from gusts of strong wind.

If the site has been successfully selected, then before planting the raspberry it needs to be brought into a proper form, namely, completely remove all weed grass and uproot old stumps, if any.

If necessary it is advisable to feed the soil for planting raspberries with manure.

Raspberry variety Gusar has a high growth, so you need to take care of how, for what, and where her garter will be carried out.

If all of the above points have been implemented, then it is time to prepare the soil for planting raspberries.

The soil for the remontant raspberry needs to be prepared six weeks before planting. This applies to both spring and autumn.

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When seedlings are found and ready for planting, then you need to dig ditches under the raspberrieswhose depth should be 30-35 cm, and width - 40-50 cm.

Raspberries should be planted on a warm, but not too sunny day. After landing has been completed, it is desirable to carry out abundant watering, and the places around the rhizomes of the plant need a little fertilize.

Buy seedlings in nurseries, but not with hands

Some practical tips:

  1. To buy seedlings of raspberry variety Gusar preferably in special nurseriesand not with it, such a move will help minimize the possibility of deception.
  2. The best fertilizer for raspberries is bedding manure and wood ash.
  3. The maximum yield can be obtained when raspberries are planted in loamy or sandy soil.
  4. When choosing a soil you need to comply with the "middle ground", that is, the soil should not be very wet or dry. It is not recommended to plant raspberries on the hills either.

Care for redemptive variety

Raspberry is a culture that needs constant pruning. At the time of its active growth, that is, in May and in the summer months, it will often have to be cut off, namely, monthly.

Cutting is carried out using a special pruner. You need to cut only the side branches about 1 meter, the tops do not get under way. Cutting must be a clear and sharp movement, so as not to shred branches.

This procedure serves to strengthen the roots and stalks of raspberries, so that the plant energy is not wasted on the growth and nutrition of additional branches.

The soil under raspberry bushes also need to be cultivated from time to time., namely, to remove the weeds and loosen it, while it is impossible to touch the roots of raspberries.

Raspberry is a plant that loves moisture, so in the hot summer months do not need to refuse her more frequent watering, than usual.

But you shouldn't overdo it, too much watering can cause raspberry roots to rot. and the plant will die.


Raspberry is a culture that well propagated by cuttings. For this purpose even more young shoots are suitable.

How to understand that cuttings are suitable for breeding? Each stalk should be carefully examined, it should be at least 3 cm in length, on the stalk should be at least 3 leaves.

Raspberries should be propagated by cuttings

For cuttings to take root, they are collected in small bunches, placed in containers with humus and peat, and within a couple of weeks they must sprout their own roots.

After the roots appeared, they can be safely planted in the ground.

Diseases and pests

Although raspberries Hussars and is considered the least disease-prone variety, but still need to monitor the health of the plant. What could threaten him?

Stalk raspberry fly

Stem fly can easily appear on the leaves of the plant. It's such pest that lays its larvae right on the leaves, and when small insects grow up, they begin to gnaw thin and tender stems that have not yet had time to become covered with bark. This leads to the fact that the plant dries and dies.

How to get rid of it? It is possible to collect the larvae manually, but this occupation is rather dreary and extremely useless, because to inspect each berry and each leaf will still not work.

Stalk raspberry fly destroys plants

Therefore need ask in the gardening shop the solution from the stem fly, prepare it as required by the instruction and sprinkle raspberries. Then it will be possible to forget about such a pest.

Raspberry beetle

BUT this pest hunts for leaves and buds. If holes appeared on the leaves, then there is no doubt that the tree was attacked by this same bug.

For prevention from this pest It would not be superfluous to sprinkle with some toxic chemicals, and in general it is better to weed the grass under the raspberries as often as possible. This will protect against the pest as raspberries and other landings at the dacha.


This is such a pest that lives in the upper layers of the soil and is activated in the onset of spring. This pest hunt for plant barkIt can be detected by numerous cracks and damage on the bark of the plant.

Unfortunately, if a raspberry bush attacked this bug, then getting rid of it with the help of chemistry will not work, the beetles will quickly attack other plants, so without hesitation you need to remove the damaged bush along with its roots and throw it away from the dacha plots.

In this case, it is better to sacrifice one bush, a week to lose the entire landing.

Gardeners reviews

Liana, 48, Moscow: “I have been planting raspberries for the first year. Hussar variety is unpretentious in content, it is easy to care for it, but personally the taste of berries seemed sour, but in general, I recommend this variety to gardeners and gardeners. ”

Vitaly, 40 years old, Vyazma: “I planted this raspberry on the recommendation of my neighbors. It is easy to care, berries are tasty and large, the harvest is good. Children are delighted. "

Zlata, 55, Moscow: “I really like the taste of berries, gives two harvests per season, just enough to just eat and make preparations for the winter.”

In general, reviews of raspberry varieties Gusar goodtherefore, it is worth trying to grow it on your own plot; this delicacy will become its real decoration.