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Proper spinach growing on the windowsill


This crop is very popular with gardeners today. This is due to the fact that the culture belongs to the greens, enriched with vitamins. The foliage of the plant is actively used in cooking and salads are prepared with it. Fresh spinach is stored in fresh form, it can be frozen, it fully retains its qualities even in hot food. The possibility of long storage and simple cultivation of the culture made it so common among gardeners. With proper care, it can be grown even on a windowsill.

Is it possible to grow spinach at home on the windowsill

Plant loves light very much. And if it is reduced artificially, then it becomes possible to postpone the transition to the flowering phase.

Resistant to cold, able to germinate at four degrees of heat. Optimum temperature for normal development - 15 degrees heat in the home or on the balcony. Increased temperature will cause skull marks, reducing the quality of the product.

The high level of precocity creates all possibilities for harvesting in a month and a half since the first seedlings appear.

For spinach to grow and develop well, you need a fertile soil composition with a neutral or weak acidity level.
Spinach grows well only with enough light.

Culture loves moisture, badly tolerates drying out of soil and stagnation of moisture. The humidity level in the ambient air is also of great importance. Considering all the factors, it is quite possible to grow spinach on the windowsill.

Useful properties for the body

The plant contains:

  • sugar;
  • fiber;
  • fats;
  • squirrels;
  • carbohydrates;
  • carotene;
  • vitamins;
  • mineral components - selenium, calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Because of its low calorie content only 23 kcal per hundred grams of the plant, spinach is recommended for weight loss.

The combination of vitamins and other elements is so successful that spinach can have a beneficial effect on the human body. With it you can remove toxins and slag accumulations.

Spinach consumption is recommended for weight loss.
Recommend to use the plant for prophylactic purposes and in the treatment of many diseases.

It is useful for people suffering from problems with teeth and gums, it has a great effect on blood vessels, it stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas, it has anti-cancer effect. It is recommended to use for children and pregnant women, people with exhausted organisms.

In addition, the following properties are attributed to spinach:

  • tonic;
  • diuretic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • laxative;
  • soothing.

Recommended greens to improve performance thyroid gland, because it contains a sufficient amount of iodine.

Separately it should be said that the content of lutein in spinach helps to improve the work of the eyes, Prevents retinal dystrophy. It is recommended for people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

More benefits can be obtained from spinach, if you use it fresh.

The choice of capacity for planting and soil preparation

To grow spinach on the windowsill does not require much effort, as it grows well in room conditions.

Sowing the plant in the spring or summer, there is no need for the organization of additional lighting. But for crops performed in the autumn-winter period, it will be necessary to turn on the lamps after sunset to extend the daylight hours to 10 hours. Highlight the plants will have in cloudy weather.

You can grow spinach in pots and flower boxes

Spinach can be grown in simple flower containers or wooden and plastic boxes. The height of the landing tank should be from 15 to 20 centimeters. And the area of ​​food for one plant should be allocated in the amount of 8 by 8 - 10 by 10 cm. But if you plan to collect young spinach, then you can plant more densely.

It is possible to fill planting boxes with the ready soil mix intended for flowers. It does not contain peat, acidifying the soil.

You can prepare the mixture yourself using vermicompost and coconut fiber in a ratio of 1 to 2. Fibers perfectly retain moisture, preventing the soil from drying out, do not allow water to stagnate. A prerequisite is a drainage of several layers of expanded clay, arranged at the bottom of the boxes.

If there is no coconut fiber, you can do only biohumus. In this case, add a couple of tablespoons of perlite or vermiculite to one hundred centimeters of square soil.

Sowing seeds at home

For the cultivation of leaf spinach at home on the windowsill it is recommended to plant early-ripening varieties:

  • Godri;
  • Stoic;
  • Gigantic;
  • Virofle.

So that the seeds germinate quickly, they should soak for 24 hours in heated waterthen hold for a couple of hours in a manganese solution.

In the landing tank furrows are arranged, the depth of which is one and a half centimeters. Seed material is sprinkled with earth, spilled from a small spray bottle. The container is covered with plastic wrap, which is removed after the appearance of sprouts.

As a rule, the plant rises five to seven days after planting. In the boxes, the plants are left until they form two or three leaves. Then the plant follows swoop down anywhere.

Care rules

It is necessary to carry out regular watering and spraying. This can be done in the morning and evening, when the foliage does not fall into the sun. Some place a container with water near the box so that the moisture gradually evaporates and humidifies the air.

Young sprouts additional feeding is not required. But if your soil is not fertile enough, then it is allowed to add organic matter during irrigation.

Harvesting and continued use

Spinach is harvested when it reaches a length of 7-8 cm.

Mass harvesting starts as soon as spinach grows. up to 7-8 centimeters and will form five to six large leaves. Clipping the foliage as needed can be two to three months, until the plant forms a flower arrow. Now it should be removed and conduct a new crop.

Spinach leaves are consumed fresh, frozen for storage, added to almost every hot dish.

Spinach is a unique plant that can produce good yields with minimal care. Its foliage contains such quantity of vitamins and useful components that your organism will constantly work fully.