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10 best varieties of pink tomatoes


For many people, it is most common to use red tomatoes in cooking, but in reality there are tomatoes of different colors: from white and pink to yellow and black. Few know that pink tomatoes have more useful and valuable properties than red ones. They have an amazing taste, thin skin and flesh with a sweet and delicate taste.

The best varieties of pink tomatoes

The article will describe the best varieties of pink tomatoes, special attention will be paid to their care, the rules of planting and taste.

Tomato Mexico

This is a variety with large fruits. In the middle zone, it is desirable to grow in greenhouses. The average height of the bush is about one and a half meters, therefore it is necessary to tie it to the support and stepchild. Fruits are flat-rounded in shape, after ripening - a bright pink color. Weight - about a pound, the fruit smells good, very tasty and meaty. Suitable for fresh consumption, and for the manufacture of sauces or tomato juice.

Approximately two months before planting in the ground is sown seeds for seedlings. It is advisable to place no more than three plants per square meter, if a bush forms one stem, no more than four plants.

Ripe and juicy tomatoes Mexico

Abakansky pink

Fruiting stretched type, tomato with large fruits, mid-season. Abakan pink, growing in a greenhouse, can reach a couple of meters in height, in the open field - up to one and a half meters. It is desirable to form it in one or two stalks. When forming in one stalk, the stepsons are removed, in two stems - one stepchild is left under the first brush of the flower.

Fruits grow in the type of "Bull's heart", after maturation acquire a pink-red color, each tomato weighing about three hundred grams on average. Suitable for making sauce, tomato juice or salads. Despite the fact that the name has the word "pink", the skin of the tomato is red, but at the same time the flesh is pink.

The advantage of the Abakan pink is that it has a decent yield, a high level of fruit quality.

A couple of months before the planned planting in the ground, plant seeds are sown for seedlings. It is desirable to place no more than three plants per square meter of soil. Plant care includes stable watering, weed control, fertilizer use and pest prevention.

Abakansky pink on a bush

Sort Alsou

Alsou is:

  • mid-early;
  • fruitful;
  • determinant.

It is recommended for cultivation in the greenhouse or soil. The height of the bush reaches about one meter. Shrub, like the majority of tomatoes heart-shaped, frail, thin stem. It is necessary to pass on the plant and tie it to the support.

The fruits of the plant are large, after ripening they acquire a red-pink color, tasty, fleshy. Weight usually does not exceed five hundred grams. Tomatoes are suitable for eating them fresh, or for making juice or tomato sauces. The fruits ripen together and early enough, the taste is excellent, the yield is high.

Alsou variety tomatoes

The Scarlet Flower

The tomato is tall, the bush of a plant can exceed one and a half meters in height. Planting is recommended either in open ground or in a greenhouse. Is an:

  • mid-early;
  • medium-sized;
  • high.

The fruit of the plant has a pink color, the shape resembles a slightly truncated heart. The size is quite large, the weight can reach six hundred grams. Tomatoes taste sweet and pleasant. Tomatoes are suitable for the manufacture of salads or for use in the blanks for the winter. Tomato juice can be used in cooking adzhika, dressings, tomato sauces.

It has excellent disease resistance.

Without proper care, which includes generally accepted rules, the fruits of a plant can crack, which will affect their product appearance.
Tomato varieties scarlet flower


Pear midselay. From the shoot to the time of ripening takes about four months. Pear:

  • fruitful;
  • determinant;
  • sredneroslaya

The bush reaches a height of seventy centimeters. Masking at growing pears is not required. You can tie up the plants to the supports, but this is not a necessary measure.

The shape of the fruit resembles an elongated plum and has a bright crimson color. At the time of ripening, the weight of the fetus reaches an average of one hundred grams. Taste gives sour, sweetish, fleshy fleshy and aromatic. Well suited for fresh consumption. Juices and tomato sauces are prepared from fruits, it is a good choice for canning. It resists viruses and infections well and is able to mature in various natural circumstances.

The shelf life of the fruit is about forty days, at this time the presentation does not deteriorate during transportation.
Ripe and juicy pear

Anna Tomat

Anna's Tomatoes are:

  • medium-sized;
  • middleweight

The height of the bush reaches one and a half meters, the plants need to be putty and garter. In order for the quality of the crop to be higher, it is necessary to form two to three stems.

The seedling is grown in advance, approximately two months before planting the variety. The first crop is harvested three months after the shoot.

Tomatoes of this variety love space, so do not plant more than three plants per square meter.

Ripened tomatoes have a heart-shaped and slightly round shape, the weight of one fruit reaches three hundred grams. Mature fruits contain a small number of seeds, which allows their use in the manufacture of juice or salad.

The advantage of Anna is a long shelf life. Tomatoes need feeding, while you can use the tools that are harvested by hand: humus, ash or manure.

Tomatoes Anna

Japanese crab

This variety is:

  • fruitful;
  • mid-season;
  • indeterminate.

Suitable for growing in open soil, under cover of film or for greenhouses. The height of the bush reaches about two meters, with about 5-6 brushes forming on the stem. It is necessary to tie the plant to the vertical support and pinch.

Fruits of tomatoes Japanese crab slightly ribbed, flat-round. After ripening, they acquire a crimson-pink color, the weight does not exceed half a kilogram. Juicy taste, fleshy pulp. Resistant to rot.

Before planting in the ground or the greenhouse, it is necessary to perform seed sowing on seedlings. One square meter should not be placed more than four plants. The care is standard, including watering, fertilizer use, weed elimination, crazing and pest prevention.

Ripe Japanese Crab on a bush

De barao pink


  • indeterminate;
  • shade tolerant.

The height of the bush De Barao pink reaches a couple of meters. The plant begins to bear fruit 3-4 months after the shoot. The fruits are smooth, oval in shape and have an excellent taste. Fruit weight does not exceed hundreds of grams.

The variety has a poor susceptibility of late blight.

Seeds are sown on seedlings at the very beginning of spring. Planted seedlings in open ground before the second half of May. It should be noted that the distance between the bushes should be large, about ninety centimeters.

Plants branch heavily, and therefore the branches should be pruned, leaving a couple of the strongest stems.

The fruits are universal in use.

Beginners to sing tomatoes de barao pink

Pink flamingo

Pink flamingo tomatoes:

  • indeterminate;
  • medium early.

The bush reaches one and a half to two meters in height, needs a garter. Harvesting is usually done 3 months after the beginning of the seedlings.

Fruits are large and heavy - up to 500 grams. A plum-shaped tomato, usually light pink in color.

The taste of ripe tomatoes is juicy, pleasant and sweetish. Used not only fresh, but also for the manufacture of salad or sauce.

Picking tomato pink flamingo

Ox heart

Variety cowhide heart:

  • easily adaptable to conditions;
  • fast growing;
  • indeterminate;
  • mid season.

It requires constant staining and the formation of a bush.

Fruits ripen in about 3-4 months.

The average weight of the fetus reaches 500 grams. After ripening, the fruit has a crimson-pink color, the surface is slightly ribbed, the pulp is fleshy in consistency. The taste of tomato is sweet.

The presentation of tomatoes at a high level, usually do not crack and have good tolerance to transport.

It is a variety of salad destination, the shelf life is not very large.
The size of the fruit cow heart

Pink varieties of tomatoes are great for eating them in salads, for making sauces and canning for the winter. The fruits are usually with a sweetish taste, rather large. Many tomatoes do not need special care, they can be planted in open ground or greenhouses. Mature fast enough.