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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties French manure


A promising variety of tomatoes from Siberian breeders - French Manure will surely appeal to many amateur vegetable growers. According to the characteristics and description, its tall bushes with a powerful, strong stem, are not demanding to care, but they are characterized by high yield.

Description of tomatoes French Manure and his characteristics

Tomato French Manure can be attributed to determinant varieties, so its growth is often equal to 1.5-2 m. Since the shoots on the bushes, located on the side, are formed in a small amount, this variety does not need to be obligatory removal of stepsons.

Grow this variety of tomatoes, which late enough gives his crop, in comparison with other bushes, permissible in a greenhouse and under open sunlight.

If you follow the advice on the proper conduct of feeding and watering seedlings, then from one bush you will be able to collect about 20 kg tomatoes, especially if you do not carry out the pinching.

Fruits located on a shrub are collected in “loose” brushes, on which 5–20 pieces can be placed, and their number directly depends on the correctness of cultivation.
The average weight of the fruit of the variety - 80-100 grams

Each fruit has a bright red color, weight 80-100g, and the shape of the finger (slightly flattened and elongated), so it is convenient to use them for spinning canned food, since it is convenient to put tomatoes in a jar. Tomato pulp French manure juicy, pleasantly sweet, covered with dense skin.

If you collect the fruits of this type of slightly immature, they will soon ripen at home. In addition to high yield, this type of tomato is known for its excellent storage and is not afraid of numerous transplants.

Positive and negative qualities of the variety

The main advantages of the varieties of French grape gardeners include:

  • increased yield with proper care;
  • pleasant sweetish taste;
  • aesthetic "appearance";
  • lack of regular care;
  • good transportability and keeping quality.

There are no negative properties of this variety. Most gardeners note fruit ripening later than other varieties, therefore, during growth in the open ground, fruits are often harvested green, and then brought to full maturity at home.

Good transportability and keeping quality - the dignity of the French Manure Tomato

Sowing rules

To grow a good crop of tomatoes, you first need to plant seeds for seedlings. Do it right in 2 months before planting seedlings to a permanent place, around March.

But before placing the seeds in the ground, they must be disinfected and all kinds of microbes and bacteria can be removed from them. This can be done by soaking the seeds. in a weak solution of potassium permanganatein which the seeds must be kept for 15 minutes.

In order to accelerate the germination of seeds, they can be soaked in melt water for a period of not more than 18 hours. After soaking the seeds, they are treated with biologically active substances at a temperature of at least 20 degrees.

During the soaking of seeds, you can prepare the ground for planting - a mixture of humus and garden land in the ratio of 1: 1. In order to protect the seeds from infection, the soil must be sieved and calcined in advance.

It is desirable that the soil for growing seedlings was exactly the same as the one in which adult bushes will grow.

After everything is ready for sowing, the seeds are placed in the ground according to the 3x1.5 cm scheme. At the same time, the thickness of the earth layer should be 1 cm.

Tomato seeds French grenade

Seedlings need to be ventilated daily for 20 minutes, removing the protective glass or film from the container. It is important to wipe them dry. This will help the seedlings not become covered with mold, which will significantly spoil it.

When caring for seedlings required closely monitor the humidity of the earthso that the seedlings do not start to shrink.

When a pair of strong leaves is required pickling seedlingsthat sits in separate pots. As the transplants are transplanted, it is fed with a mixture of potash and phosphate fertilizers. Further care continues until the seedlings are transplanted to open ground.

Tomato care after planting

Before planting seedlings in the ground, approximately in April, it should be hardened. To do this, it is required to expose the seedling boxes to fresh air for a short time so that they will not die in the future.

In the greenhouse to replant bushes permissible in early May, and on open ground - a month later. Since the bushes of this variety grow very high, immediately after transplanting to a permanent place they must be tied up immediately.

1 m² can be grown no more than 2 bushes, because they grow very high, and a large number of fruits are fastened on them.

Since the bushes grow strongly - no more than 2 seedlings are planted for 1m2
The root system of tomato French manure grows in width, so that the plant can easily extract moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Tomatoes need to be watered with warm water not often but abundantly, right under the root. After watering or rain necessarily loosening plants. Mulching with straw, dry grass, humus or peat will help protect the soil from strong drying.

Top dressing of a tomato of this grade is carried out 1 time in 2 weeks, at the same time organic and mineral fertilizers alternate. When the fruit is flowering and ripening, the tomato should be fed with an extract of mullein, which is diluted in a liter of water, in which 1 spoonful of urea and superphosphate must be added.

The main care errors that can lead to the death of seedlings:

  • not high enough temperature;
  • sowing at a deep distance;
  • heavy ground;
  • waterlogging;
  • increased soil acidity;
  • soil and seed disease.

All these mistakes in the care can lead to the death of seedlings, so it is very important to follow the rules of cultivation in order to get a high crop of tomatoes.

To obtain a high yield of tomato it is very important to follow the rules of agricultural engineering.

Disease and Prevention

The variety of tomato French Manure can be called disease resistant.

But for their prevention, you need to regularly spray the plants with a special solution that will be created on the basis of anti-fungal and antiviral biologics.

To protect the tomato bushes from white and gray rot, as well as late blight will help regular ventilation in the greenhouse. It is best to conduct them immediately after watering to avoid high humidity in the room.

Tomato bushes can be protected from pests by an aqueous solution of ammonia or infusions of herbs such as celandine, chamomile, yarrow. Good prophylactic effect against late blight has Bordeaux mixturewhich is used for processing bushes.

For the prevention of late blight, you can use the Bordeaux mixture

Grade French manure is an excellent option for novice gardeners. Since he is undemanding to care, with him there is almost no failure. It is enough only to land it in time in the ground, water it properly and feed it, and also attach the bushes to a solid support.

When growing a plant in a greenhouse, protection of bushes from diseases and pests, as well as a bountiful harvest of fruits is guaranteed. A special advantage is that the fruits of this type of tomato very well transported and can easily persist until December.

This is an ideal variety for novice gardeners, as well as those who want to get a big crop of tomatoes, without putting much effort into it.