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Characteristics and description of tomato Mongolian dwarf


The list of tomatoes in our time is huge and in order to choose to your taste you need to familiarize yourself with many of them. From this article you can learn all about planting and caring for the "Mongolian dwarf".

Description and characteristics of tomato Mongolian dwarf

The plant is derived by Novosibirsk breeders and is quite popular. Its height according to the description reaches up to 25 cm, and the fruits themselves about 200 grams.

From one bush according to the characteristic productivity can reach 10 kg. Tomatoes ripen early, acquiring a bright red color. The taste of the flesh is sweet - sour and very juicy. Sort resistant to cold snaps, does not require a pinching and land in open ground.

The Mongolian dwarf will take root in Siberia, the south-eastern part and other windy, not too rainy regions. But the non-black earth and heavy soil is not the best option.

The average weight of fruits of a grade - 200 grams
In the greenhouses, the Mongolian dwarf grows worse than in the open field, as they have too high humidity.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Early maturation;
  • Does not need to be staved;
  • High yield;
  • Low bushes, undemanding garters;
  • The variety is resistant to droughts and winds;
  • Long fruits (up to November);
  • Low probability of late blight.


It is difficult to speak about shortcomings, since there are practically none. The only thing that can cause difficulties is the acquisition of the seeds themselves, so they don't sell in stores, and buying with hands does not give any guarantee. And of course, the plant is poorly acclimatized in acidic soils.

Sowing seeds

Mongolian dwarf seeds can not be bought in the store

The best time for such a manipulation - February and March. This choice of the period will allow you to enjoy the first fruits in June. Identical and even bushes can be obtained by selecting the same seeds. You should not give preference to the smallest, as a good sapling of them is unlikely to succeed.

For the treatment of seeds from various pathogens, it is advisable to process in 1% solution of potassium permanganate at an interval of 30 minutes. After the seeds, be sure to rinse and dry.

For planting seedlings, you can buy ready-made soil in the store or fertilize the soil yourself. Nutrient substrates contribute to better crop quality.

Seeding procedure:

  • The prepared soil needs to be leveled and moistened;
  • Spacing between rows about 5 centimeters;
  • Groove depth 1 centimeter;
  • The distance between the seeds is more than 1 centimeter;
  • Optimum temperature for growing seedlings 25 degrees;
  • Before the appearance of the first germs, the capacity is best covered with a film;
  • If the seedlings appear 3 leaves, they should be seated in separate boxes.

Transplantation in open ground

Transplantation of seedlings in the ground is carried out in early June.

In early June, when the frost will pass, you can begin transplanting.

  • Best place for stepchildren 0.9 centimeters apart, as the bushes require a lot of space;
  • The wells are fertilized with humus and superphosphate (10 g per well);
  • Further, mandatory watering of the soil is performed;
  • It is best to plant seedlings under an inclination, burying not only the root, but also a small part of the stem;
  • Re-watering;
It is recommended to plant seedlings in the same place.

Grade care after transplanting

The next soil moistening will be needed only after the upper part has dried, because excessive moisture can harm. Be sure to loosen the ground, to prevent the formation of a crust.

Masking is not carried outBut fertilizer never hurts. They can be started 3 weeks after planting.

Mongolian dwarf reacts very well to wood ash fertilizer

The Mongolian dwarf will take the wood ash solution with particular joy. It is prepared in the ratio of 200 grams per 10 liters of water. Garter bushes are also not needed, as the plant itself is low.

Mongolian dwarf fruits are suitable both for simple use and for canning.

Disease and Prevention

As mentioned earlier, this variety is practically not affected by late blight (a fungus that appears due to a lack of copper in the soil). But there is still little chance.

For the fight against fungus the most effective means is Bordeaux liquid. Spraying of plants is carried out immediately before flowering and two weeks before harvesting (under the conditions that the solution is 1%). When identifying the first signs immediately take action.

Another famous method of controlling late blight can be called copper wire method. It consists in fastening five centimeter pieces of copper wire near the stem of a bush.

Folk remedies:

  • Garlic solution. Preparation: Mix 200 grams of minced garlic with 1 liter of water at room temperature. After a 12-hour hold, it is necessary to drain the old water and add a new one along with 40 grams of soapy mush.
  • 1 liter kefir mix with a bucket of water and sprinkle the plant.
For prevention, it is sufficient to periodically fertilize the soil.

How to get seeds for next year

If you want to grow a variety again, you will have to extract the seeds from ripe and healthy fruits yourself.

Having tried to grow a variety of Mongolian dwarf, you will probably want to get the same harvest for another season. In order to do this you need extract seeds from available fruits.

How to do it:

  • Wash the tomatoes;
  • Blot with a napkin in order to remove excess moisture;
  • Cut off the top (where the tail);
  • Squeeze the seeds into any convenient container;
  • Put the resulting mass (along with the juice) in a small cup and leave for 3 days, after covering the bandage. You can make a salad or something else from the rest of the tomato.
  • After the expiry of the due date, we uncover the seeds and transfer them to a sieve;
  • Flush with water, removing all unnecessary;
  • Put on a tray, evenly spreading on the surface;
  • Put to dry in a sunny place.

Mongolian dwarf quite often called a variety for the lazyand as you can see it is not casual. A completely unpretentious and unusually tasty tomato, although it appeared not so long ago, managed to capture the hearts of many.

Do not be afraid to try something new, because often you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to make your life easier. In addition, tomatoes are very useful for the body.