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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Apparently invisible


The plant appeared on the market not so long ago, but is already popular with many gardeners. If you like the rapid ripening of fruits and their large sizes, then the variety of tomato Apparently invisible - for you.

Description and characteristics of tomato Apparently Invisible

The plant is determinant, standard. According to the description of the bushes tomato do not exceed a height of 90 centimeters. From planting seedlings to the beginning of ripening tomatoes no more than a hundred days pass.

Tomato variety according to the characteristics is intended for growing in open ground, in greenhouses and even on glazed balconies. The plant has good immunity from fungal diseases.

On small bushes grow quite large fruits, the weight of which varies from 280 to 330 grams. Red and pink tomatoes differ in rounded, slightly flattened forms, are well stored and carry transportation.

Fruits of a grade differ in the roundish slightly oblate forms
Tastes of fruits are excellent.

Tomatoes are recommended for fresh consumption, preserved, used for making sauces and ketchups. With properly organized care and favorable conditions, you can get from each bush from 4 to 5 kilograms harvest.

Natural growth region and cultivation features in other regions

its origin is due to scientists from Siberia, who in 2001 introduced it to the State Register as a culture capable of cultivating in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

Since then, the plant is loved not only by the owners of personal plots, but also by urban residents. The best results tomato plant produces in the southern regions of the country.

For the middle band, it is recommended to use covering materials. In the northern regions of growing as possible, but will have to equip a greenhouse.

To grow a variety in Siberia, will have to equip a greenhouse
Gardeners assure that a tomato in any growing conditions does not lose its qualities and does not reduce the yield.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages include the following features:

  • low growth and compact size of the plant, allowing it to grow even on balconies;
  • excellent yield;
  • large sizes of fruits;
  • early maturation;
  • ability to resist diseases.

But at the same time, there are some negative aspects associated with the peculiarities of growing a culture:

  • a tomato plant reacts sharply to nutritional deficiencies, needs fertilizing with fertilizers;
  • plant makes increased lighting requirements;
  • quick response to disturbed irrigation.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

In this, the tomato is no different from other species. Planting material should be prepared in February - March, about a couple of months before transplanting seedlings to permanent beds.

Tomato seeds apparently invisible

Ground tank preparation

Soil composition is best prepared from garden land, sand and peat. It is allowed to add some ash in order to normalize the level of acidity and add the necessary mineral components. All carefully mixed, you can fill the soil capacity for sowing.


If the seeds you purchased have not been pretreated, you can do it yourself, soaking the seeds for 15 minutes in a solution of manganese. In addition, the seeds are recommended to be treated with drugs that will save them from viruses and fungi.

Upon completion of the dressing, the seed should check for germination. Putting it into the water, after five minutes it is necessary to remove those seeds that will be on the surface.

At the time of planting, the soil must be spilled with manganese solution, make the grooves one and a half centimeter deep. Planting ends with a weak irrigation, the containers are covered with plastic wrap, placed in a dark place. About five days later, as soon as the first shoots appear, the film should be removed and the boxes should be moved to the window sill.

Seedlings on the windowsill need enough sunlight

In order for the seedlings to develop well and not to stretch too much, it needs comfortable conditions. The temperature regime in the room should be 20-23 degrees heat In addition, one should completely eliminate drafts, not re-moisten the soil, and organize sufficient lighting.

Picks are performed after sprouts form 2-3 leaves.

When transferring a sprout to a new container, it is necessary to ensure that the main root does not bend over.

For the entire period of growth, seedlings should be fed twice with complex fertilizer compositions.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Replant the seedlings to a permanent place after the soil warms up to 16 degreeswill end at night freezing.

Landing is performed according to the scheme "30 to 40" centimeters, rows are arranged at intervals of seventy. The roots can be burrowed not too deep, because the bushes are not very tall.

Seedlings should be transplanted to a well-lit area.

The beds should be located in a place well lit by sunlight.

Grade care after transplanting

The first time the bushes should be fed 15 days after transplant. At this time, plants really need nitrogen. At the stage of formation of inflorescences and ovaries, additives containing phosphorus and potassium can be used. Having received the first harvest, tomatoes need to be fed additionally.

To such care should be added timely watering with warm water, loosening the soil, removal of weeds.

Diseases and their prevention

Although the tomato plant has a good score for disease resistance, the bushes can be affected by black bacterial blotch and apical rot of tomatoes.

You can save landing Fitolavinom and dissolved calcium nitrate. During this period, the moisture level in the soil must be lowered.

From moth, sawfly, moth and the Colorado potato beetle is recommended to use special preparations - Bison, Prestige, Lepidocide.

For pests, it is necessary to treat the tomato with Lepidocide

How to get seeds for next year

You can do this by selecting the largest and ripe vegetables. Seeds are separated from the pulp, washed and dried. The second option is to purchase planting material in the store.

If you think about it, then planting varieties Apparently Invisible and care for him practically do not differ from other tomato plants. But the results exceed all expectations. If you give the culture a little free time, it will be able to please you with large tasty fruits.