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Detailed description and characteristics of the variety of tomato Pink miracle


Gardeners, who decided to grow a rose miracle tomato, should know the description and characteristics, as well as all the details for the care of this variety. Observing all the rules, you can grow a rich harvest, tasty and healthy vegetables.

Description and characteristics of tomato Pink miracle

  1. The pink miracle is an ultra early hybrid. The ripening of fruits grown in the greenhouse, comes on the 85th day after planting. Outdoors, ripening depends on climatic conditions.
  2. Hybrid Pink miracle is recommended for cultivation in all regions, both in open ground and in closed.
  3. The bush grows no more than 80 cm in the open air and up to 110 cm when grown under a film cover. The tomato needs a garter and pasynkovanii.
  4. Bright - crimson, with a thin skinned fruit weighing about 250 grams.
  5. The variety is high-yielding, with intensive fruit set, it is necessary to form bushes. Each brush produces up to 6 tomatoes.
Tomato fruit in section

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a hybrid:

  • Ultra early
  • High yield
  • Excellent taste
  • Resistant to various diseases


  • The variety is not suitable for preservation.
  • Has a short shelf life
Fruit weight Pink miracle

Soil requirement for planting

Tomato Pink miracle can be grown in open beds and in greenhouses. For an earlier harvest, tomatoes are recommended to be planted through seedlings. Before planting, it is necessary to carefully prepare the site and the soil. When grown in the fresh air, the beds are made in a sunny, protected from drafts place.

Tomatoes love nutritious and light soil. The best precursors for tomatoes: onions, carrots, cabbage and zucchini. But where the eggplants and potatoes grew, the seedlings should not be planted.

Preparing the soil for tomatoes should start in the fall. During the winter period, the earth will be filled with all the necessary nutrients. What is necessary to make the soil for the good and healthy development of the plant:

  • Lime - is added in the fall and spring to the acidic soil. It saturates the earth with calcium and magnesium.
  • Bonemeal and fungicides contribute 14 days before transplanting.

Sowing rules

Before you start to grow seedlings, you need to prepare the soil and carry out pre-sowing seed treatment.

Presowing treatment consists of:

  • Calibration - elimination of poor quality seed
  • Disinfection - treatment with 1% potassium permanganate solution

Seeds are planted in a prepared, moist and nutritious soil to a depth of 2-3 cm. Seed material is covered with a film and removed in a warm and sunny place. At emergence of shoots, the film is removed. To prevent seedlings from being pulled, they are placed in a bright place. With the appearance of 2-3 true leaves, the plant is swooping in separate pots.

In order not to injure the root system when transplanting seedlings, pick picking is carried out in peat pots.

2 weeks before disembarking, the seedlings must be hardened.

Pink Miracle Seeds

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Hardened seedlings are transplanted into the open ground after the spring frosts recede, when the air temperature stays steady at +15 degrees. At low temperatures, the root system will stop developing. Two weeks before transplantation, the earth is treated with copper containing preparations.

People sign says, as soon as the birch leaves are blooming, it means that the earth has warmed up and you can plant seedlings on open beds.

At first, young seedlings need to be covered with covering material. Plants are planted at the age of 30 days. Seedlings are placed in pre-prepared and spilled holes at a distance of 40 cm from each other in a checkerboard pattern.

Planted tomatoes better in the evening or in cloudy weather. Seedlings are buried in 1/3 of the trunk and immediately shed with warm water. The soil around the bush tamped and sprinkled with mulch.

The layer of mulch must be at least 2 cm.
Planting tomatoes in open ground


Tomato Pink miracle in the care of unpretentious. He needs only basic requirements:

  1. Watering
  2. Loosening and removing weeds
  3. Top dressing
  4. Forming a bush
  5. Garter and staving


  1. Watering is carried out with warm, settled water under the bush, not falling on the leaves and the stem. Watering is better in the morning or evening.
  2. The first watering is carried out only a week after disembarkation.
  3. Lack of water, as well as overflow, is harmful to tomatoes.
  4. After each watering it is necessary to loosen the soil. This procedure is performed to prevent the formation of an earth crust.
Proper watering tomatoes

Top dressing

  • The first feeding is made 2 weeks after transplanting to a permanent place.
  • The second - in the flowering period
  • The third - during the formation of the fruit

As a top dressing fit: Effecton, Agricola, Kemira Universal.

Formation and garter

Form a pink miracle tomato in 2-3 stem. At the bush remove all stepchildren to the first flower brush.

Due to the large amount of harvest, the shrub needs a garter.

Care errors

  1. Thickened landing
  2. Non-compliance with crop rotation
  3. Overflow
  4. Late application of fertilizers

Diseases and their prevention

Like any hybrid, the Pink Miracle is resistant to many diseases, but prevention is necessary for every plant. During the entire growing season, tomatoes are sprayed with fungicides. In the southern regions, this procedure is carried out in cloudy and warm weather. In the northern regions - at the time of formation of the ovaries and every 10 days.

You can not spray the bushes with the same preparations, as the fungi and viruses quickly adapt to the solution.
Spraying tomatoes for disease prevention

How to get the seeds of the variety Pink miracle for planting next year

When growing a hybrid, it must be remembered that seeds from such varieties are not harvested, since the collected seeds may yield a crop in inconsistency with the previous one. Acquire seed need from trusted manufacturers.

When buying you need:

  1. Check expiration date
  2. Package integrity

Pink tomato varieties contain large amounts of sugar. Scientists have proven that pink tomatoes are much better than red or yellow.