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Characteristics and description of tomato variety Olya F1


Tomato varieties Olya - a relatively young plant, but already enjoyed success with many gardeners. If there is a desire to plant such a crop in their beds, you should find out the details of its cultivation, description and characteristics.

Description and characteristics of tomato Olya

The plant is a hybrid, from its seeds are obtained strong bushes, bringing an excellent harvest. The variety is able to withstand many diseases and harmful parasites.

Tomato determinantIt stretches to a certain height and stops, forms about eight brushes. Bushes sredneroslye, just above the meter, in need of tying.

The seedling is grown for one and a half months, the plants bear fruit 100 days after the emergence of sprouts.

Productivity is good, subject to the rules of cultivation from one plant can be obtained from 8 to 10 kilograms tomatoes, which are used for sauces, ketchups, vegetable salads. In addition, tomatoes are pickled and salted.

Fruits are almost identical in size, reach seven centimeters in diameter, weigh from 70 to 100 grams. Their shape is rounded, the shade is red.

Fruits of a variety have a rounded shape and weigh from 70 to 100 grams.

Natural growth region and cultivation features in other regions

Olga owes its origin to the Russian breeding specialists, who bred it in the twenty-first century and entered it in the State Register with a recommendation for cultivation in the North Caucasus region.

If greenhouse conditions are organized for cultivation, the tomato bears excellent fruits not only in the central regions, but also in the northern regions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages include a number of signs:

  • excellent yield;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • ability to tolerate hot weather;
  • ability to resist diseasestypical of most tomatoes;
  • normal growth in low light conditions;
  • universality of use.

Among the deficiencies noted one - seed material for subsequent planting of tomatoes is not recommended to select.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Olya variety tomato seeds

Seeding is best in March, so that by the end of the spring season, the seedlings were ready to move into the open ground.

Ground tank preparation

The soil for planting should consist of peat, sawdust and greenhouse earth, taken in the ratio of 1 to 1 to 2. Sawdust is poured boiling water, then - twice with a solution of urea, which is previously brought to a boil.

A pair of handfuls of chopped egg shell, a half-liter jar of wood ash, a few spoons of potassium superphosphate or potassium sulphate is added to a bucket of the prepared mixture. Everything is mixed, a hot manganese solution is added.

The earth should be allowed to cool, and it can fill the landing tanks up to half.


Planting time depends on the region of cultivation. It can start in February and finish in March. Prepared for sowing seeds are laid out on the surface of the soil and sprinkled with a centimeter layer. Tanks covered with plastic wrap, put in a warm place.

Post-treatment care

After emergence of shoots it is necessary to begin to harden seedlings.

As soon as the first shoots begin to appear, seedlings are advised. carry out for some time on the glazed loggia.

The first time should be watered four days after the beginning of growth, feeding water in the amount of two spoons and distributing it along the edge. When three leaves are formed on sprouts, the rate of water can be increased to 100 ml per seedling.

Tomato seedlings dive twiceto slow down its escalation. The first procedure is carried out after the third sheet, the second - after three weeks.

To improve the immunity of seedlings, seedlings on the seventh day treated with drug Epin. For the first time, seedlings are fed one and a half weeks after picking.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

In late spring, when the threat of night frost disappears, tomato seedlings can be transferred to a permanent place.
Olya is a tall variety and requires obligatory garter

Landing is based on 4 bushes per square meter. A support column is immediately installed near each plant. Place under the tomatoes should well shined with the sun.


After a couple of weeks, bushes need podokuchit and tie up. Pasykan plants as needed, until the brush is formed.

Tomatoes must be watered abundantly during growth and the appearance of the ovary. With the beginning of ripening, the amount of moisture must be reduced so that the tomatoes do not lose their taste.

Some gardeners contribute as fertilizer compositions fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassiumto support plants at the time of flowering and the formation of fruits. But if the soil is prepared correctly, then such efforts will be unnecessary, the crop is guaranteed to you anyway.

Excessive fertilizer contributes to the growth of green mass by the plant, the fruits are small, contain a lot of nitrates.

Features fruiting varieties

Tomato is not afraid of changes in temperature and it will produce a crop in any conditions.
Tomatos are not afraid of temperature drops, and they are able to produce a crop in any conditions.

When the fruit ripens, the amount of watering is reduced, the dosage of water is reduced, so that the tomatoes do not deteriorate their taste. Ripening occurs quickly and almost simultaneously.

Diseases and their prevention

The plant has an excellent immune system that can withstand many diseases. But from Colorado potato beetle treatment of beds should be done to scare away the pest.

From Bears Poisoned wheat grains or bottles with an odorous composition are added to the aisle.

For preventive purposes, the bushes are sprayed with solutions that create protection from the fungus. This should be done three weeks after transplanting seedlings.

To protect against the fungus need to carry out preventive spraying.

Many gardeners, protecting plants, use biological compounds in order not to harm the human body. Excellent help manganese solution with the addition of soap. He will protect the plant and feed its root system.

White fly You can scare off tobacco extract, onion or garlic husk.

How to collect seeds

Recall that the variety Olya is a hybrid plant. That means his seeds for planting next season is better not to collect. Of them are unlikely to grow good bushes. It is recommended to purchase planting material in specialized stores.

Tomato variety Olya does not require special care. This allows you to grow it even novice gardeners who do not have sufficient experience for this.