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What is a standard tomato?


Standard tomatoes are a new, growing type of tomato. Among their fellows, they stand out and compact bush - such a bush there is no need to tie up. Their root system is also compact, which makes it possible to get a good harvest even if the planting is thickened. The gardeners are paying more and more attention to this species and are beginning to cultivate it in their plots.

What are standard tomatoes?

Standard varieties of tomatoes are considered to be the ones that have a thick and resistant stem, do not require staking and are similar to a miniature tree. Their roots lie close to the surface and are very compact, like the plants themselves. This makes it possible to plant almost twice as many plants in the same area as compared with ordinary varieties, and significantly increase the yield.

Standard varieties do not curl and do not need additional supports. However, under the weight of their own fruits, they can fall on the ground. This does not affect further growth and development. Plants are weather resistant, do not require additional care.

When choosing a variety, it is necessary to take zoning into account, since these tomatoes grow mainly in the open field and it is necessary to take into account the ripening time for each region.
Shtambovy tomatoes

Tomato benefits

Even standard summer gardeners and gardeners grow with standard tomatoes with little or no experience and practical skills in growing tomatoes. This is not surprising, because the varieties are unpretentious, and in comparison with their usual counterparts they have significant advantages. These include:

  • strong vertical trunk;
  • low growth, due to which no additional garter and installation of supports are required;
  • the roots are close to the surface and absorb nutrients, moisture;
  • the possibility of thickened plantings, which increases the yield from 1 square meter;
  • resistance to drought and cooling;
  • accelerated formation of the ovary, as well as ripening of fruits;
  • no need for pinching;
  • the formation of a large number of fruits, which ensures excellent yield;
  • well tolerated pick and transplant;
  • the fruits are perfectly stored, without losing their commodity and taste.

It is thanks to these advantages that standard tomatoes are successfully grown by both summer residents and gardeners, as well as by farmers at a professional level. Breeders also present to their attention a variety of varieties that differ in color and shape of the fruit, and to taste.

Planting thickening and high yield of standard tomatoes

The most popular varieties of tomato

Despite a wide variety of varieties of standard tomatoes, it was possible to earn the greatest popularity as follows.


It is represented by plants with both red and yellow fruits. Zoned for almost all regions, the fruits ripen 95 days after emergence of shoots. Fruits are cylindrical, medium size. Perfectly suited for both preservation and fresh consumption.


It belongs to standard tomatoes, but the height of a bush sometimes reaches 1 meter. Suitable for growing in open ground and protected. Mid-season grade with yellow fruits weighing up to 100 grams. The flesh is very dense and tasty. Good for salting and canning.

The Antoshka variety is perfectly adapted to low temperatures, which makes it possible to grow it even in harsh climates.

Cheerful gnome

Treats very early grades, fruits begin to ripen already 90 days later after emergence of shoots. Tomatoes are very productive, the height of the bush is about half a meter. Fruits differ in an unusual cylindrical form with very dense pulp. Well suited for fresh consumption and for the preparation of ketchup.


Mid-season variety, characterized by increased resistance to late blight. It is recommended to grow seedling way. The fruits are very fleshy, resistant to cracking. Their shape is oval, somewhat elongated. The weight of one fruit can reach 60 grams. Productivity is high.

Far North

Low-growing variety for open ground. Fruits ripen amicably, but rather late (100 days after emergence of shoots). Resistant to late blight and root rot. Fruits weighing up to 80 grams have excellent taste. Their purpose is universal.

“The Far North” is a very productive variety; up to 17 kg of fruits can be harvested from one square meter of land.

Planting rules for tomatoes of this variety

This type of tomato seedlings sown on the same principle as conventional ones. There are no particular differences in this procedure. The only thing is that they stretch less and do not bend under the weight of leaves.

For sowing seeds pick up a light soil, which will pass the air well and not accumulate excess moisture. Previously it is calcined in a preheated oven for 15 minutes, after cooling it is poured into a prepared container. Next, make small grooves and carefully lay out the seeds. At the end, the crops are sprinkled with a layer of soil, covered with glass or polyethylene and put in a well-lit place. Caring for seedlings in the same way as for ordinary tomatoes.

Tomatoes in the garden are planted at a distance of 25-35 cm from each other. In between rows they make a distance of 50-60 cm. To make the bushes neat and compact, they do not need to be watered much. Also, do not zealous with fertilizers, in particular with nitrogen.

The calcined primer for planting seeds

Features care for tomatoes

Standard tomatoes do not require intensive care. Watering should be done as the top soil ball dries. The root system of them is located close to the surface, so you should exclude excessive watering. Periodically you need to loosen the ground so that it is well ventilated and excess moisture can evaporate without problems.

The basis of care for tomatoes is the fight against weeds and pests. To this end, it is necessary to regularly remove weeds and also to mulch the soil. It will help retain moisture in hot weather, but also prevent the growth of weeds. In order to prevent the spread of fungal diseases, it is advisable to carry out the treatment with fungicidal preparations. Very effectively proved the treatment of plants Bordeaux mixture.

This type practically does not need additional feedings and fertilizers, especially nitrogen ones. If their number is abundant, then the bush will grow too much, and the green mass will grow more than expected.

This is fraught with lower yields. If the soil in the plot is poor and poorly fruiting, then you can use the available organic fertilizers.

Mulch tomatoes

Gardeners reviews

Many gardeners are already on personal experience faced with the cultivation of stemming tomatoes. They have already formed a definite opinion, which they willingly share with their colleagues.

Vladimir Vasilievich, pensioner: "I am engaged in growing standard tomatoes recently. I advised to try a neighbor in the country house. I found only positive sides for myself. They are perfect for preservation, salads. I grow up a variety of Buyan with yellow fruits and Shuttle."

Anna Georgievna, dachnitsa: "The standard tomatoes interested me for a long time. Initially I grew them on the balcony (variety Snegirek), and then planted them in the country. For the dacha I chose the variety Antoshka and Buyan. The yield is high, the taste of the fruit is just great.. The whole family is very happy! "

Victoria Denisovna, dachnitsa: "I heard a lot of praise from neighbors about standard tomatoes and decided to try growing them in my own plot. I must say, I expected a better result. The selected variety was not sufficiently resistant to diseases, so the harvest was hardly possible. Now I think whether it is worthwhile to experiment for the next season ... ".

Larisa Petrovna, woman resident: "The seedling of standard tomatoes for me was acquired by a son on the advice of the seller. The woman convinced that with minimal care we would still have the harvest. Our family has a wonderful harvest. It’s a pity the son didn’t remember the name of the variety, but now I collect the seeds myself! "

Victor Sergeevich, summer resident: "I saw a program about the standard tomato varieties on TV and decided to grow them in my plot in the summer season. The Shuttle grew seedlings on their own. there was no departure, but the whole season we ate wonderful tomatoes, and also engaged in preservation! ".

Standard varieties of tomatoes have proven themselves very well. They are unpretentious, give good yields, the fruits have excellent taste and commodity qualities. Even novice gardeners can grow these plants. That is why now they are preferred not only by amateurs, but also by professionals.