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How to dry eggplants so that they are not bitter


Dried eggplants - not the most common product in Russia, but on the shelves of Turkey and Italy, they are dismantled in the first place. Fresh fruits contain folic acid, vitamin A, C, K and B vitamins. Not many people know that if you dry vegetables properly, all the beneficial properties are preserved. These are one of the few products that fully absorb the spices with which they were prepared. Use the most interesting supplements to give an unusual flavor.

Drying specifics

Drying - the procedure is long and laborious. Vegetables can not be called "capricious", but to get rid of the bitterness they should always be soaked in water or marinade before cooking.

From additives to them, vegetable or olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, paprika, a mixture of Italian herbs are perfect.

For the preparation of fully dried homemade chips, the fruit should be cut as thin as possible, leaving the skin. Dried can be cut into washers, halves, slices, cubes, and the skin must be removed to avoid bitterness.

Fruits of any size are cut into strips with a thin knife or vegetable grater. Eggplants are placed in a marinade of olive oil, soy sauce, honey and paprika for 2 hours. After the time of preparation, it is necessary to blot with a paper towel and put in an electric dryer for a day, setting the temperature to 40 degrees.

The width of the strip depends on how crispy and brittle chips you want to end up with

Condition for chips

Tasty, crispy, and most importantly - healthy. Eggplant chips will be your favorite if you try them at least once. An essential condition for their preparation is soaking in a marinade of vegetable oil, vinegar, and any spices. Cut the vegetables into thin slices and fry in vegetable oil, dry in the oven or microwave.

Before drying, cut rings should be fry in a skillet in vegetable oil

The recipe for cooking eggplants "like mushrooms"

The name of the snack is “eggplant like mushrooms” at the hearing of many gourmands, but not everyone knows the secret of their cooking method. Prepared exclusively from young fruits with a small amount of seeds. Vegetables must be washed, cut into small circles, strung on a thread and put on a baking sheet. The skin is not removed. In a heated oven, they are kept for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 160-170 degrees. The billet is hung out in a dry place and kept until complete drying.

Hang the mushroom bundle in a dry ventilated place.

Dried eggplants

Large fruits are peeled and cut into large washers, sprinkled with salt and any spices. Vegetables are left for 15 minutes to remove bitterness from the pulp. Next, each piece should be washed with running water and placed in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Vegetables are laid out on a baking sheet and kept in the oven for 5 hours at 60 degrees. Before use, dried rings should be soaked in water, then fry. In this form, a homemade snack can be stored in the basement in a glass jar, filled to the top with vegetable oil.

This is how eggplants look after soaking.

Homemade drying methods

Each of the methods of drying deserves your attention. Each of them is self-sufficient, original and interesting. Those who want to eat crispy chips as soon as possible will choose drying in the microwave, and patient housewives will wait a week to get the vegetables, dried in a natural way. The electric dryer will retain all the useful properties, and the oven, on the contrary, will destroy them. Try all the methods of cooking dried eggplant, and you will feel how much they differ from each other.

The dried fruits thus treated are used to make dolma.

Recipe for cooking in the oven

Eggplants should be washed and wiped with a dry towel, cut into equal pieces for uniform drying. In the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, vegetables are placed on a baking sheet. The total drying time will be 5 hours, but after the first hour of drying the temperature should be halved.

So that all vitamins are not lost during drying, you can reduce the temperature, which will slightly increase the time spent

This method of drying is one of the fastest. Its only drawback is that during heat treatment at high temperatures all the useful properties will be lost.

How to dry a vegetable in an electric drier

Sliced ​​and pre-pickled eggplants are laid out on the tiers of the dryer. In the VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer, the hot air is evenly distributed over the surface of the vegetables and deprives them of excess moisture - you do not even have to turn them over. The minimum temperature of 40 degrees will save vitamins.

Follow the process and do not allow the temperature to rise above 40 degrees

The method requires time-consuming, it takes 24-27 hours to dry one serving.

In the microwave

Eggplant chips are cooked in the microwave very quickly. Not even half an hour from your “I want” - as you will already crunch fragrant vegetable slices. Vegetables are washed, dried and cut as thin as possible. Next, they should be placed in a bag, pour in a small amount of vegetable oil, pour in salt and any spices, mix. Prepare slices 5 minutes at a power of 750 watts.

In the package to the eggplant, add salt, spices, vegetable oil and mix everything well.

Vegetables are dried due to the effects of microwaves and will acquire a crisp crust. It is important to monitor the voltage control and not to let the chips dry out or, conversely, remain raw.

How can you dry in the air

For drying in open space, it is worth choosing thin-skinned fruits with a minimum number of seeds. Vegetables must be whole, even, without damage and signs of spoilage. Eggplants are washed and rubbed with a towel, then cut across and laid out on a paper sheet. Drying time for vegetables will be from 5 days to a week.

The method is inconvenient because the eggplants will have to be turned over periodically for uniform drying and covered with gauze. Any dry room without drafts will do.

Do not allow direct sunlight on the posted vegetables

How to properly store and use dried eggplants

Drying is the only way to preserve vegetables for the winter as long as possible, but even he can find some time limits. Dried eggplants will remain in the basement for six months in a glass jar, and completely dried vegetables can be packed in a sealed bag for 9 months. Such blanks will be on hand even in winter, if you suddenly want to taste the eggplant.

Well dried and sealed chips are perfectly preserved throughout the winter.

Dried products are not widely used in medicine and cosmetology, but it has been proven that they are able to cure nicotine dependence due to the content of nicotinic acid in its composition.

Before adding to the dishes, dried slices should be soaked in water. Experiment and add eggplants to soups, stews, main dishes. And most importantly - by all means dry, and you can always find a way to use it!

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