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How to get a good harvest of strawberries in the open field


Many gardeners are greatly mistaken, believing that the strawberry yield mainly depends on weather conditions. Naturally, this factor is one of the fundamental, but if you choose the right place, skillfully use fertilizer formulations, organize proper care of beds with berry bushes, then a good harvest is ensured and you can get it anyway.

Is it possible to increase the yield of strawberries

Many people know how to plant strawberries correctly, cultivate the beds in spring and autumn, grow bushes from seeds. But the main question remains - how to improve the yield, how to increase the number of berries from the bush?

Experienced gardeners know that it is necessary for planting to bring a large bucket of berries daily. If you have all the secrets of care, in which the use of pesticides and mineral components is far from the first place, then an improvement in yield is quite real.

Instructions on how to increase yield

For planting strawberries need to choose a flat open areas.

To get good yields, you need to pick flat areas in the country or in the open field, with light slopes in the south-west direction. This will allow the berries to get the maximum amount of sunlight.

Strawberry loves moderate moisture, otherwise plant diseases can develop, harmful parasites are activated.

If the site is located in a hollow, you should arrange high beds, reaching thirty centimeters.

Requirements for the soil to achieve high yields

Gardeners wishing to increase the yield of berries, it is necessary to understand that for this you should carefully prepare the soil composition, starting this event in advance. Any type of soil needs its additives.

Loamy areas require addition rotted manure and peat. And sandy beds, besides that, are soothed turfy ground and sawdust. Clay places needed sand, humus or compost, rotten sawdust. On the peat plots add sand and humus.

In addition, nitrophoska is also used - two spoons per square.

For feeding you can use nitrophoska

Choosing a good variety with great fruiting

In order to achieve good yields and fruits during the summer period, early (Roxana, Granatovaya, Belorussia Zagorye, Desnyanka), mid-early (Coulomb, Zenith, Hope, Raregout) and Middle Late (Cinderella, Lord, Gigantella) strawberries are recommended for cultivation.

Proper planting bushes

Having defined the varieties, they should be properly planted. For this prepared beds loosen and water plentifully.

As a preventive measure, vitriol solution is used at the rate of two spoons per bucket of water. One and a half liters of such a composition is spread per square meter of planting.

The seedling is planted in such a way that the heart remains visible, but not raised so as not to dry out. The most favorable time to disembark is end of July. The weather should be cloudy, or have to wait for the evening. In this case, the plants take root better.

Favorable time for disembarkation - end of July

Planted seedlings are allowed to shed from a small watering can. Planting bushes in small holes with a lump of earth. The scheme depends on the selected variety, the determining parameter is the power of foliage. Disembarkation is carried out in increments of 10-15 centimeters, in double rows. For the aisle, eighty centimeters are left so that it is convenient to organize the care.

It is necessary to choose material for planting from young plants, as the most robust and healthy. As a rule, it is one or two whiskers of a good bush.

By the winter season, properly planted strawberry seedlings will have time to form strong bushes.

Rotation Varieties

Do not neglect the rotation of varieties. A constantly growing berry of the same variety entails the adaptation of painful pathogens to its immunity. Rotation makes it possible not only to determine the most delicious and suitable varieties for your section, but also to reduce the threat of their diseases.

Rotation of strawberry varieties should not be neglected

Choosing the right breeding method

It is necessary to determine the correct method of reproduction.

New beds in most cases are laid acquired plants and their material for planting. It is necessary to cook seedlings already during the harvest season. At this moment, the condition of the bushes is estimated, the best ones are determined.

It is recommended to look after and tag those plants on which there are a lot of healthy berries differing in size evenness. It is from them that one should take material for a new landing in order to lay the next plot.

How to mulch and water

Oddly enough, but strawberries need mulching quite strongly. The ideal material for mulching is needles. It is able to retain moisture, protect against harmful insects and diseases. Over time, this mulch rot and feeds the beds.

It's okay if you can not use the needles. In this case, suitable straw, mowed grass, cut weed vegetation. With the onset of autumn, when the entire crop has been harvested, strawberry bushes have been cut and processed, the beds can be covered with a good layer of foliage. It perfectly protects the beds from frost.

The mulch will keep moisture in the soil, giving you the opportunity reduce the number of watering. But nevertheless it is necessary to water, as strawberry loves water.

Abundant watering is needed in the spring season, when foliage begins to grow, during flowering and ripening, after each harvest of ripe berries and at the end of autumn processing, if the weather is dry. In short, if nature does not indulge in precipitation, then water will have to be regularly.

This should be done in spring and autumn. once a weekin summer the intervals are reduced up to three days, and in dry weather moisture should be introduced daily. It will not be superfluous if, from time to time, when watering, fertilizing formulas are applied.

If there is no rain - strawberries will have to be watered regularly
People in the know assure that it is most effective to create three strawberry plots over a three-year period, adding annually on a bed that will bear fruit alternately.

As soon as the last crop is harvested from the third section, the bushes should be excavated and burned. Young seedlings are planted in new areas.

Taking into account all the features of grooming strawberries, you can get excellent harvests of this juicy and beautiful berries, grown personally.