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Useful properties of onion Suvorov or Anzur


Suvorov's onion is a rather unusual plant that grows in Asia and Altai. Because of its unusual appearance, such a bow is not very popular among gardeners., although the taste of the resulting crop is highly appreciated by many experts.

Description varieties onion Suvorov

The bow of Suvorov or Anzur belongs to the group of mountain bows with the common name of Anzura. In the literature, this species is also referred to as stalked onions, giant and tall onions.

Onion Suvorov is an early ripe crop that appears in the beds in early spring. At the beginning of its active growth, such a plant very much resembles a tulip, but after a while it becomes similar to pretty large garlic.

Bow of Suvorov or Anzur

The height of the stems can reach 1-1.3 meters, and wide leaves grow in length to 35 centimeters. On the tops of the onion shooter spherical inflorescences are formed, the diameter of which is 8-12 centimeters. The peculiarity of the flowers will be their purple color, not peculiar to other cultures. The green leaves of Anzur are considered the earliest greenery., but they very quickly lose their taste. After 2-3 weeks, the leaves begin to turn rough and yellow.

The first bulbs appear 2-3 years after planting. Their diameter can reach 14 centimeters. According to their taste, they are more like garlic, which is why they are often used as a savory, fragrant seasoning.

In their raw form, these bulbs are poisonous, so they must be processed before use.

This variety tolerates frost, does not require special care and is not afraid of the effects of various diseases and pests.. But it is also worth noting that such a plant reacts poorly to an overabundance of moisture, from which the bulbs can rot and die.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

  • Planted in the winter bulbs tolerate frost well and very quickly restored, even after complete freezing;
  • Gives very early harvest and can decorate with its unusual appearance a garden awakening after winter;
  • Plant not afraid of disease and pests;
  • Properly cooked fruits have a wonderful taste and can benefit health.
Onion Suvorov different early maturity, resistance to diseases and pests, very beautiful flowering

Unfortunately, this variety has several disadvantages:

  • First the green becomes very rough and becomes inedible;
  • Raw bulbs are poisonous and may harm the body, before use, you must carefully treat them;
  • Plant is afraid of moisturetherefore, you need to closely monitor this indicator.

Beneficial features

The bow of Suvorov got its name in honor of the great commander, who, during his famous campaign in the Alps, discovered this unusual plant. The use of received fruits by soldiers saved them from scurvy.

The plant is very useful for the body, it contains several times more vitamin C than other varieties. It is also worth noting that the leaves of the plant are rich in vitamins B, E and rich in mineral salts.

Due to the content of steroids, alkaloids, saponins and other substances, Suvorov's onions are used in pharmacology for the production of certain drugs.

Due to its healing properties, in folk medicine the onion of Suvorov is used for the following purposes:

  1. Pain reduction with age-related diseases;
  2. Treatment of upper diseases respiratory tract and lungs;
  3. Immunity strengthening and improving the overall condition of the body;
  4. Activation of brain activity and memory improvement.
Many experts argue that the onion of Suvorov has the same effect on the body, like ginseng.

Planting Suvorov bow

In order to get the harvest as early as possible and not to engage in laborious work related to the construction of seeds, experienced gardeners recommend planting onions or slices of Suvorovsky onion. For quality planting material, it is dug out of the ground, until the leaves are completely dried.

Given the good frost resistance of the variety, it is necessary to plant it in open ground in the fall. If work is carried out in September, then the fruit will be divided into 4-6 teeth, with a later planting the division will not be as intense.

Suvorov's onion and seeds breeds

When preparing the beds, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the cultivated plant:

  1. The best thing grows on loose, sandy soils. In clayey soil there is a high risk of fungal infections;
  2. Many gardeners claim that such a crop will grow well in places where cucumbers, potatoes or cabbage grew up to it;
  3. It is better to make bedsThis procedure will help avoid overwetting;
  4. Not worth planting in places of accumulation of precipitation and melt water;
  5. Before landing the earth is carefully loosened and cleaned of weeds.
Works on planting carried out as carefully as possible to avoid damage to the root tubercles.

With a standard landing pattern the distance between the rows should be 30 centimeters, and between individual plants 20. The depth of embedding the bulbs should be within 10-12 centimeters.

Seed propagation

Growing Anzur from seeds is a very long and painstaking process, in which the first crop can be obtained only after 3-4 years. After collecting the seeds from an adult plant, proceed as follows:

Peduncle of Suvorov's onions with seeds
  • at the end of October build beds with a height of 10-12 centimeters;
  • seeds deepen by 1.5-2 centimeters;
  • then landing cover 2-cm layer of peat or humus.
The first friendly shoots can be seen in late March - early April.

After yearling plants release cotyledon leaves, they will begin to dry out and form tiny bulbs. They need to dig, dry and leave until the autumn. With the onset of the desired time, the bulbs are planted at a distance of 5 centimeters from each other, the distance between the rows being equal to 25 centimeters. Sealing depth - 5 centimeters. Similar works are repeated twice. At 4 years old, you can land in the traditional way.

Plant Care

When watering the onions of Suvorov, one should be very careful and avoid even short-term waterlogging, because it can be detrimental to the plant. After each watering, the soil is slightly loosened and the weeds that have appeared are removed.

Suvorov bow is rather thermophilic

Feeding is done as follows:

  • with the advent of the first shoots necessary apply nitrogen fertilizerssuch as urea;
  • in order to enhance photosynthesis, 2 weeks after germination planting sprayed with Ferovit;
  • 3 times for the entire growing season during soil loosening into it make ash and potassium sulfate.
Onions Suvorov need to replant every 1-2 years, otherwise the plant may form a nest of bulbs.

To all the forces of the plant went to the formation of fruits, it is necessary to break off all the arrows that appear. Harvesting is carried out after the leaves dry.

The use of onion Anzur in cooking

Fresh leaves of Suvorov's onion are most often used in cooking - they are added to okroshka, salads, soups, meat dishes

The leaves of such a plant have found their use as early greenery. They include a large amount of vitamins and minerals. How to eat such onions, you ask.Young leaves are often used to make salads, soups and sandwiches..

Since the leaves of such onions quickly grow coarse, they can be frozen for harvesting. In this case, their shade becomes bluish, but the taste and benefits are fully preserved.

Onions are eaten only after it has been processed for a long time. First you need to get rid of the sharp sulphurous smellFor this purpose, the fruit is poured with clean water and is periodically changed. On average, the whole procedure takes 1 month. After soaking the onions are marinated, baked or boiled with honey. Eat this food should not often and a little bit.

Suvorov's pickled onions

Diseases and pests

Diseases and pests do not settle on the bow of Suvorov, which is why this plant does not suffer from infectious, bacterial and other ailments.

The most common problem that can be encountered when growing a crop will be rotarising from the overmoistening of the soil. You need to deal with such a problem very quickly. All diseased plants are dug, and healthy irrigation is normalized.

Onion Suvorov is a very bright plant, which also brings useful greens and unusual taste of the fruit. You can grow this culture even in the most severe conditions., and the result should please every gardener.