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Detailed description and characteristics of tomato varieties lyana


Lyan's tomato is one of our favorite varieties of gardeners, as it is easy to cultivate. And it can be found in almost every garden. The tomato was bred in Moldova, and it was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 1998.

To decide on the choice of variety should be well study its characteristics and description.

Characteristics of tomato varieties

The variety has high yields and a short growing period from sprout to the first crop. Tomatoe to grow and give the crop need only 95 days.

The variety can be grown in a greenhouse or in an open field. Resistant to almost all diseases inherent in tomatoes. Excellent fruits in all weather conditions and gives great yields, regardless of the chemical composition of the soil.


The height of the bush is only 45 cm., so that the bush does not need support, and therefore it is recommended for planting in large areas. The growth type of a tomato bush is determinant and therefore it is necessary to cultivate it in one stem.

Lyana's tomato bush is short, therefore landing on large territories is recommended.
Sheet platesTomato type, dark green.
InflorescencesThe first ovary is formed above the 6th leaf plate, followed every 2 plates.
Yield2.5 kg. from one tomato bush.
Fruit shapeRounded, small in size.
Tomato colorRed
Average berry weight75 gr.
SkinSmooth, medium hard.
Tomato Acidity0,6 %.
StorageAt low temperatures for 3 months.

These tomatoes have great food properties and contain in their chemical composition. many vitamins of group B, high content of carotene. Ascorbic acid in the composition of this variety comes to 12 mg. on 100 gr. Tomato.

All the beneficial properties are only in fresh tomatoes, so it is best to use them immediately after being plucked from the bush.
To preserve the beneficial properties of tomatoes, it is better to use after ripping.


Alexander, Voronezh

A tomato of this type always provides the family with a great harvest, and the surplus is easily transported without damaging the fruit to the nearest market. When storing tomatoes do not lose their appearance.

Sergey, Volgograd

Anyone who has tried to plant Liana at least once knows that tomatoes of this species grow in the garden without any problems and a lot of care. A yield higher than expected.

Elena, Donetsk

For me, this is not the best grade, but it hardy and therefore always helps, if there are no harvests of other varieties of tomato. The taste and presentation of the fruit deserves a good rating.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other varieties it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Positive traits

  • Easy to grow;
  • Good taste;
  • Big return of a harvest;
  • Skoroplodnost plus the duration of the return of tomatoes;
  • Large disease resistance Solanaceae.
Variety Ljana has a high yield


  • Like all tomatoes, the variety is thermophilic, and when cooling in the fall, the fruits cease to ripen in field conditions;
  • Lower leaf plates should be removed as the fruits form;
  • Formation in one stalk will require staking once every 10 days.
Lyana has great advantages and that is why gardeners are in demand.

Liana pink - a separate species or simply the name of the variety

The hybrid was obtained in Russia on the basis of the red Lyana and has more durable characteristicsthan maternal plant. Externally, the pink color of the fruit.

Lean does not need to be staked.

Tomato Liana pink

Tomato growing

In order to get consistently large yields of varieties of Liang, it is worthwhile to properly engage in agricultural technology.

Features agrotehnika

Basic methodological guidelines for growing varieties of tomatoes Liang:

  1. The good news is that there is no need to grow seedlings and seeds can be sown immediately in open ground, but this is possible only in the southern regions of Russia.
  2. Best if all the same grow seedlings slightly at home. Capacity is selected 12 cm high with drainage openings and is filled with nutritious soil.
  3. It is necessary to moisten the ground with the help of lower irrigation and make a recess with a ruler with a step of 4-5 cm. In a not deep trench, seeds are laid out with a step of 2-3 cm and sprinkled with earth.
  4. After seed germination, the shelter is removed and the seedlings are placed on a bright window sill.
  5. Dive such a seedling immediately after hardening in the open ground on the previously prepared beds.
For better germination cover container with a transparent bag or glass.

Where to plant and how to grow

Tomato is planted in sunny areas. Although the characteristic states that the soil fits any large yield, the variety shows on nutritious and loose soil. Therefore, the beds must be enriched with compost heap or add rotted manure. Planted seedlings according to the scheme 60x70 cm. Manure is better to make the beds in the fall.

Care is in timely staining bushes, which is done in the early morning in dry weather. It is necessary that in the evening the wounds on the stalk should be worn out and the night-time temperature drops and dew should not cause the stalk to rot.

Watering must be done once a week, and upon the onset of a temperature regime of 32 degrees Celsius and above watering, they produce in the evenings twice a week.

When the full yield of the crop goes to reduce or even stop watering, it will increase the taste of tomatoes.

After each watering the next day, it is necessary to loosen the soil around the tomato bushes with simultaneous removal of weeds.

Fertilizers are applied a couple of times per season. The first fertilizer is fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers for a good growth of the vegetative mass of the bush. In the formation and maturation of the fruit is to feed phosphate-potassium fertilizers. Apply all fertilizers only on wet soil, so as not to burn the root system of the plant.

Tomato Liang is not a whimsical variety with a high yield of the crop and you should try it at least once in your garden, and then you will not be able to refuse it. Since the variety does not need much care, and the yield of the crop is large.