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The best ways to plant and grow strawberries


Getting your own sweet juicy strawberries is not so difficult if you follow the rules of planting and growing plants. There are also some features of pest care and control, diseases of which it is useful for a novice gardener to know.

A huge role is played by the composition of the soil and the choice of the place of cultivation. All this must be considered, intending to create the conditions of the piece. In this article we will talk about the best ways to plant strawberries and learn how to plant a berry using the Chinese method.

The best ways to plant strawberries

Choosing the right and 100% successful way of planting strawberries for your site, you will have to get acquainted with many, to study, compare, draw conclusions. Each offer has both pros and cons. Personally test each method will not work, it will take a lot of time, will spend power and finances. You need to listen to the advice of experienced agronomists technicians. They will tell about important trifles, warn against mistakes.

Harvested Strawberry
Selection, as a rule, is carried out taking into account regional features of climate, variability of weather, and length of daylight.

How to arrange trapezoidal beds?

Good soil drainage system is not everywhere, and it is not always possible to lay it, but for the natural process of growth and nutrition of the roots, an unimpeded access of moisture and air is needed. A bed raised above the level of the common plot will solve the problem.

Manually or with the help of technology, they make elevated earthen platforms. The width and length are determined individually according to need, but it is more practical to make the beds small (2-3 rows of 4-5 meters each). It's easier to care for and harvest. Strengthen the edges by applying small branches, low crate or herbal waste.

Then they cover the prepared area with a dense polyethylene film with specially made holes of optimal diameter, into which young strawberry outlets are later planted.

The advantages are:

  • The film layer prevents moisture evaporation;
  • Eliminates weed germination;
  • Interferes with rooting of a mustache;
  • There is no pollution ripening berries.

Of the inconveniences called: the implementation of irrigation through sprinkling and fertilizer. It is better to moisten such plantings through drip devices, and to feed them point-to-point; for this, the film web is divided into parts.

Trapezoid bed

What is attractive film tunnels?

Sharply changing spring weather, affects the yield. To reduce the risk of loss or to ensure early collection, gardeners will install additional protective tunnels of transparent film above the main rows.

There are simple and cheap types of greenhouses. From a flexible wire of a large cross section, they make arcs up to 80 cm. The width between the bases should not exceed the maximum height. The frame is made up of arcs placed in the ground at a distance of one meter and fastened with upper crossbars. Single-layer or double-layer coating, is pressed to the ground by means of logs, weighty slats, boards. Also made "pockets" filled with water, stones.

The film covers the plantations from:

  • Excessive ultraviolet radiation;
  • Penetrating cold winds;
  • Holds moisture, heat;
  • Reduces the ripening period.

In the tunnel is easy to control the chemical composition of the soil.

Inconvenient moments: the need for constant airing. It is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity. It is permissible to make openings with a diameter of up to 20 mm for access of fresh air, however, during periods of severe frosts there is a risk of losing the first flowers.

Film tunnels

Growing berries in plastic bags

Abundant flowering, fruiting, excellent plant growth is achieved in containers of dense polyethylene. A bag of any size is filled with a substrate enriched with potash fertilizers, trace elements, moderately moisturized. In the cruciform holes sits young strong seedlings. It is necessary to bring drip irrigation, artificial lighting.

It is easy to move a similar bed, but it is better to take it to a stationary place in a closed bright room with a stable room temperature in order to enjoy the whole year's tasty food.

If desired, the bag, tied with string, is easy to put vertically in order to save space, hang, put in two tiers.

The inconvenient side is the requirements of a special reinforced shelter, if the wintering is in the garden and the difficulty of airing the root system in the hot season. The filler is quickly depleted, requires replacement.

Strawberries in plastic bags

The advantage of Dutch technology

The main secret of the Dutch process is to obtain a large crop outside the open field. In this case, tanks are various in size and shape:

  • Boxes;
  • Containers;
  • Pots;
  • Bags;
  • Sleeves from nonwoven fabric.

The first condition for creating an ideal microclimate is a high sterility of the soil and selected planting sockets. Be sure to observe the neutrality of the pH of the soil and control its chemical composition. Regularly do laboratory fences, analyzes. The second requirement is adequate lighting for at least 12 hours a day and a uniform alternation of day and night.

Varieties must be self-pollinating, otherwise the flowers will not turn into the ovary.

The obvious advantages of the method: fresh berries in late autumn and winter.

Shortcomings: requires constant financial investments and costs to ensure growth conditions.

Cultivation with Dutch technology

Vertical beds

Lack of space for growing is not a problem. To form a green vertical easily and quickly everyone will be able to do it himself. The basis of the pillar will be:

  • Plastic pipe of large diameter;
  • A piece of construction mesh;
  • Sackcloth;
  • Old tires;
  • Boxes, pots and various capacious objects from which the pyramid is built.

Soil filler is filled evenly. Irrigation pipe with irrigation canals is laid strictly in the center. The holes in the base are made at a distance of 20-30 cm so that the roots will fit in them normally.

Water, moving from above, may accumulate in the lower part of the structure, forming an excess of moisture and accumulation of microbes, therefore a drainage layer should be provided.

Superior verticals: saving space, ease of lighting, no weeds, beautiful aesthetic appearance.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to organize optimal irrigation; too high beds will require additional care devices.

Vertical beds

Other strawberry planting methods

What is suitable for greenhouses, greenhouses, not suitable for an open summer cottage and vice versa. But there are more versatile ways of growing.

  1. The beds are arranged on improvised terraces of dirt elevations and temporarily covered with a film, synthetic fabric.
  2. Regular, even rows abundantly mulch with a clean length of straw or sawdust. Moisture and heat is maintained.

Whatever the beds, the main thing is to comply with the agricultural techniques and to choose the right varieties. The harvest will not take long.