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How often do I need to water strawberries


Not all gardeners know how to water strawberries properly. The root system of the berry is not deep enough to feed moisture from the layers of the earth. Therefore, it is important to conduct regular watering. Abundant watering requires loamy soil, in contrast to the soil with mechanical content. It is necessary to water in the morning, so that at night the ground was dry.

Before the flowering stage, it can be watered by sprinkling, so the leaves will be clean and developed. Transplanting and planting strawberries in autumn and winter require special attention.

How to water strawberries in the open field

Strawberry care in open soil depends on whether it blooms or not when it was planted. To the berries were large, the bushes in the open access should be abundantly watered. If you ignore the rules, the fruit can not wait.

For comfort, a sprinkler or drip system is installed. After planting the berries, the soil is watered and covered with humus. It is necessary for water retention in the ground. An important role for seedlings are the first few weeks. Water every day, so the strawberries take root faster. After a while, watering is reduced to 2-3 days.

For comfort, you can install a drip
It is not necessary to flood it excessively with water, so it will be unstable to diseases, and the frost resistance will decrease.

When to water the first time after winter

After the cold, you need to start watering the plants in late April - early May days, bushes should thaw. Watering is carried out once in 6 days in the morning, not cold water, but at room temperature. Before the appearance of flowers, a sprinkling method is suitable, and with the advent of flowering bushes, it is undesirable to fall on the plants.

We need to monitor the weeds, which can close access to water after the start of fruiting. Abundant rains or watering can badly affect the berries - they will become watery and tasteless.

If you do not remove the weeds, they can close the access of water, and the fruits will grow small

Strawberry does not like frost and cold. Fluid temperature should be more than 15 degrees. It can be heated or left outside. In spring, the plant requires abundant watering, about half a liter per bush three times a day.

Features of the correct spring watering, if the strawberry grows under a black film

Watering strawberry plantations with a watering can is not always convenient, and it is inappropriate with a hose. Sprinkling is prohibited during the flowering period. And if you water under the root with a hose, the soil will be washed away and the root system will be damaged.

The best option - drip method. Water will be in every bush. This option is indispensable if the plant grows under a black film.

The system must be mounted before landing. High-quality film will last a couple of years.

Before the first watering in spring, it is necessary to determine the soil moisture. Dangerous for strawberries will be both drying and waterlogging.

If in some places the ground is dry, there may be moisture under the film. Or spring rain that has poured in other crops will not be enough, since it practically does not fall under the film. Agrofibre will allow water to enter the root system without obstruction. There are various options for watering.

Black film has the following advantages:

  • Water cost reduction 5 times;
  • Water comes exactly to strawberries, and not to weeds, which slows down their reproduction.

Drip irrigation for good harvest

The first year involves abundant watering. Before the first appearance of flowers, preference is better. sprinkling method, and drip apply secondary. This method will clean the leaves of dirt, strawberries will grow faster and more correctly.

Drip system can be made by yourself or purchase a ready-made design. The main element is watering tape. It must meet the requirements:

  • Changes in pressure tape material must withstand;
  • Distance between droppers from 10 to 30 cm;
  • Tape wall thickness from 5 to 8 mm.
The thickness of the walls of the tape should be 5-8mm

Pick up the pump, you need based on the source of water supply, for example, how much distance to connect to the well, tank or well. Vortex and centrifugal pumps are relevant for surface structures, and submersible pumps for wells.

Watering immediately after planting

At the beginning of planting, water the bushes often need water in small quantities. Land surface should always be wet. Water in the surface is necessary for the emergence of new roots growing from the base of the bush.

After the first decade of watering, should increase in volume but decrease in frequency. Roots should soak up water to the maximum. After 20 days, the plants will be ready for cold, under adverse conditions after 50 days. The period falls on the end of November.

Dry weather is what is dangerous for seedlings.

In winter, the soil is dry, as in summer. For the whole winter strawberries almost without moisture. So that it does not dry, you need to water it well before the frost. Moisture should be absorbed and remain on the surface. After wintering, it is important to clean the weeds in a timely manner and water the bushes abundantly in due time. To prevent the leaves from burning, you need to water it early in the morning.

To prevent strawberry leaves from burning, watering should be done early in the morning.

How often does a berry need moisture?

Constant and frequent watering is needed. at the beginning of May and until the end of September, because it is at this time that the bushes are actively growing. In autumn and spring, plants do not require much moisture. In the summer, increase the volume of liquid to three times a day. And in hot weather, you can every day.

It is recommended to apply fertilizer together with irrigation. To retain moisture, you need to do soil mulching.

This can be done using:

  • Cardboard, paper;
  • Needles;
  • Straw and sawdust;
  • Leaves;
  • Agrofibre or black film.
Straw or sawdust is good for mulching strawberries.

It is recommended to use capacity. The liquid will heat up naturally - the sun. Watering is recommended in the morning or late in the evening with warm water.

Blossoming implies a reduction in watering, you can not water at all. If you can not do without it, you need to look to pollen remained on the pistils. It is necessary to water carefully to do not harm the flowers. When fruits appear, watering is done along the grooves so that the leaves and berries do not start to rot.

Take care of the berries need a complex. With the observance of the rules and advice, after a couple of years you can see powerful bushes with large berries. After collecting the fruits, they will come back to normal.